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Custom Functions in R dplyr (20160505)
Translating custom function invocations from plyr to dplyr
Google: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish (20150112)
Wondering what Google will do? Ask yourself what Microsoft would have done in the 1990s.
LG Headset Distortion Workaround (20141021)
Tips for getting earpieces to work with recent LG phones
Honda Fit Air Conditioning in Defrost Mode (20120604)
The Honda Fit forces the air conditioning on when you direct air to the defroster. This page describes how to easily disable this annoying feature in under five minutes
The many meanings of "remove" (20111226)
Remove means something very different in lvm than it does in dmsetup...
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What just happened in Greece? (20150717)
Why did Greece turn overnight from resistance to capitulation?
Celebrate Your Ten Year Anniversary (20130928)
Why you should celebrate the 10th
I made a web page for my titanium (20130118)
It's got PICTURES, even
Carbon Fiber Top Hat (20101008)
I have a carbon fiber top hat!
A few more pictures from my trip (20100925)
Final set of pictures from my trip to Atlantic Canada
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