I can connect them!

On December 29, 2003, I wrote the following message to a friend of mine while away from my computer:
I did take some pictures on my digital camera, and I'd send them to you on my wireless pager, except that - wait for it - I CAN'T CONNECT THEM!

It was a reference to an earlier conversation we had had regarding the ability (or lack thereof) to connect portable electronic devices. I kept waiting for the situation to change, but it didn't. USB "on the go" was supposed to solve this problem, but as yet I do not own a single device which supports it. Instead, the connecting technology turned out to be flash memory cards!

I recently got a new phone (Blackberry 8820) which supports Micro-SD cards. Most Micro-SD cards are sold with an adapter which turns them into SD cards. SD cards are compatible with MMC cards. My camera takes MMC cards. I took the card out of the camera, took it out of the adapter, put it in the phone, and emailed myself a picture.

It was extremely satisfying.

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