Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I thought tenants stealing the plumbing was not one of those things that Actually Happened Anymore, but apparently I was wrong. When I first moved in, this property was occupied by some Portuguese tenants who tended to play loud music and enjoy the swimming pool (which is out back on the side that faces me), but it has been vacant for about a year now. I would not actually recommend buying this building unless your life has too few problems and you want to rectify the situation.

If that isn't your thing, you can go a block the other direction and get a 3-family with ocean views and a five minute walk to the T. Those who are familiar with Camberville real estate should take note that the price is for the entire building, not one condo. ;) The building in question is one of the nicer ones on the block, and they're not kidding about the huge windows, although it also means people walking along the beach can stare into your apartment.

My own finances do not extend to buying more real estate this calendar year, but for anybody who's not wedded to staying north of the river on the Red Line and can do without a large yard, there's a lot of property on the market around here for reasonable prices.