The title of this post is not available at your clearance, Citizen

It is 1984 in the Year of Our Ford. Terrorists have infiltrated Alpha Complex because they are jealous of how much fun its citizens have. Your job, troubleshooter, is to find the trouble and shoot it.

A question? What is the nature of the trouble, you ask? That information is not available at your clearance level. Please ignore the former-colleague-shaped stain on the carpet. Do any of the rest of you have any other questions? No? Excellent. The Computer applauds your enthusiasm.

I haven't played a tabletop RPG since about 1994, but I've been vaguely wanting to play a game of Paranoia for a couple years, and it finally crossed the threshold for taking action. I've never met anybody who's actually played in or run a game of it, so I guess if I want it shot, I have to shoot it myself. I have a vague plan to organize a one-day game of it sometime in the spring. Let me know if you're interested; if I get enough interest, I'll start planning it. Most likely, there will be at least a three-month lead time from the go-ahead decision to the implementation, as there will be quite a lot to be written and some widgets to be built to contribute to the atmosphere. Information about these widgets is not... well, you know.

Stylistically, be aware that I am unlikely to implement idioms common to "our" role-playing crowd, because I haven't played or run any since before I met anybody reading this, when I was in high school. My vision for Paranoia is rules-light, atmosphere-heavy, and with a blurry line between in and out of character interactions which is always interpreted in the least favorable way, except when it isn't. To keep up with the times, I may be substituting "terrorists" for "communists", and possibly making a few other changes to reflect cultural and technological differences since the 80s.

If anybody else out there wants to RUN one that I could just show up and play in, that would be dandy too, but I realize there's not much chance of THAT happening.

The comment mechanism below is still not written, so go ahead and email me at the usual place. LJ readers might be able to comment directly using LJ - I'm not sure if that works, but I'll read it if you do.