Velouria Espresso

Velouria Espresso
389 Centre St, Jamaica Plain
(walkable from Heath St or Jackson Square)

Free wireless (WPA-PSK support required), no obvious power outlets. Espresso drinks as well as clover coffee, tea, and daily brewed drip coffee (generally a darker roast than the clover, he said)

They've been open about six months, and the owner, Justin, was behind the counter. He's amazingly introverted relative to the norm for an owner/barista. My opinion is that he hasn't quite got the clover figured out yet; while good, it's not at the same level that Kopplin's has achieved. I didn't try any of the other forms of coffee; I guess I'll have to go back. They have pint glasses for coffee you're going to drink there, but you have to know to ask for them - the default is paper. I got one on my second cup after having the user interface explained to me.

Shockingly, the shop - although in a rather spanish neighborhood - contained only white people (thanks to drbitch for preparing my expectations suitably so I was not surprised). It wasn't very full, which was probably a good thing, since there are only five tables in the entirely place. Parking seemed painful and pretty full but not completely impossible (I took the orange line). It's not the sort of place that could accommodate a very large group - six would be the absolute limit, and that's if you move some of the furniture around and nobody else is using it.

I ran into one of the locals, who was there to mindfully enjoy the good energy that the place had, but then she had to run off to her yoga class.... I just wanted a reason to get out of the house on a weekend when almost everybody I know is out of town somewhere or another, and I found one, so I'm happy.