Terran Melconian

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Independent Data Science Trainer and Consultant
Unique one-on-one data science training program for corporate clients. With six months of part-time training, enabled software engineers to transfer into jobs normally filled by graduates of two-year full time master's degree programs, improving hiring costs and volume. Empowered small to medium businesses to derive immediate value from data science with targeted, affordable engagements.
Jobcase: Senior Director of Analytics
Built data science and information retrieval (search) teams from zero; trained software engineers to be data scientists in order to meet staffing goals in a tight labor market. Achieved double-digit percentage lift in clickout revenue with search algorithm changes and more than 2x lift in social content and engagement. Technically hands-on in data science, algorithms, and system engineering.
TripAdvisor: Senior Technical Manager
Built data warehouse team; deployed stable and reliable operations around Hadoop and Hive, compensating for immature technology, enabling company-wide reporting and analytics on large-scale, fine-grained data. Also hands-on with production operations for the core website which generated the majority of revenue: performance improvement, software release processes, and risk assessment and mitigation.
Google: Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead
Technical Lead for the Google Flights instant result cache for airfare queries, enabling proactive pricing and routing results on web searches. Technical Lead for a team of five on the Social Image Search product, doing deep retrieval for socially relevant images. Responsible for architecture, project planning, and team coordination.
Air Network Simulation and Analysis: Founder and Simulation Architect
Designed next generation air transportation simulation architecture on an inherently stochastic framework with flexible runtime fidelity using object-oriented C++.
Genasun: Cofounder and Firmware Engineer
Designed digital electronics and wrote microcontroller firmware for high efficiency solar controllers and lithium ion batteries, using handwritten assembly on cost-constrained microprocessors with limited code space.
MIT International Center for Air Transportation: Research Engineer
Initial author, technical lead, and architect for the MIT Extensible Air Network Simulation (MEANS) development team. Designed and implemented a fast-time event-based C++ simulation of airspace and airports to assess delays and evaluate new scheduling and operational concepts. Visualizations and statistical analyses of simulation results. Industry and government customers.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): S.M. in Aeronautics/Astronautics
Graduate Research Assistant in the International Center for Air Transportation. Investigated the effects of airline hub congestion on optimal route selection through simulation of operational delays and costs. Studies included economics, game theory, and operations research.
Haven Colocation (HavenCo)
Buildout of market-leading secure colocation facilities on the micronation Principality of Sealand.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): S.B. in Aeronautics/Astronautics
Studies in aerodynamics, materials and structures, and control systems. Grade point average 4.9 on 5.0 scale. Finite-element modeling and mechanical testing research for the gas turbine laboratory microengine.

Terran Melconian


Data Science
Initial project definition, data quality and sufficiency assessment, inferential modeling, predictive modeling, A/B testing, deployment, and evaluation. Focused on iterating quickly on ideas by bounding feasibility and potential gain.
Models: linear and piecewise linear regressions, regularization, support vector machines, random forests, gradient boosting, factor and component models, multilayer neural networks.
Tools: R, SQL, JAGS, Python
Domains: Consumer internet and advertising, finance, genetics, natural language and information retrieval, psychometrics
Significant experience managing both staff and projects. Recruiting, team culture, staff development. Management of vendors and projects spanning multiple organizations. Specialty in forming new teams by hiring generalists and training in required skills.
Software Architecture and Development
All scales from large distributed systems to embedded microcontrollers. Numerical simulation, rapid prototyping, and high availability internet operations. Several projects successfully extended beyond original requirements without needing redesign.
Tools: C++, Python, Java, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, subversion, git, Linux, HTML, Javascript
Miscellaneous Interests
Statistics for personal health. Operational anomaly detection. Cryptocurrency market efficiency. Composite fabrication. Black belt in Shao-Lin Kempo Karate. Practitioner certification in neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Home roasting of coffee.


Presentations can be viewed at http://www.terran.us/talks/