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MIT classes are measured in units; each unit corresponds to one hour per week of estimated work. Grades go from A to F. A is equivalent to 5.0, B is 4.0, etc. Plus and minus modifiers are not used in computing the grade point average; grade point averages are rounded to the nearest tenth of a point.

MIT reorganizes the course catalog regularly, so sadly some of the links below may not work by the time you view this page.

Differences between what you see here and what would appear on an official transcript are as follows:


Incoming Credit

5.1112N/APrinciples of Chemical Science (no longer exists)
8.0112N/APhysics I
10.0016N/AIntroduction to Computer Methods

Fall 1996

7.01212AIntroductory Biology
8.02212APhysics II
18.02312A+Calculus with Applications
21L.00312A-Introduction to Fiction

Spring 1997

8.0312A+Physics III
16.009AIntroduction to Aerospace and Design
17.60112ASoviet Politics and Society (no longer exists)
18.0312A-Differential Equations
18.0412B+Complex Variables with Applications

Fall 1997

6.04112A+Probabilistic Systems Analysis
16.01012AUnified Engineering I
16.02012AUnified Engineering II
21L.44812ADarwin and Design

Spring 1998

8.0412A+Quantum Physics I
16.03012AUnified Engineering III
16.04012BUnified Engineering IV
21L.45012A-Literature and Ethical Values

Fall 1998

16.05012AThermal Energy
16.06012A-Principles of Automatic Control
16.2012A+Structural Mechanics
24.0012A-Problems of Philosophy
24.1729ABeing and Time (no longer exists)

Spring 1999

6.11112AIntroductory Digital Systems Laboratory
16.11012A+Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics
16.6216AExperimental Projects I
21L.70712A-Problems in Cultural Interpretation

Fall 1999

16.62212AExperimental Projects II
16.8312ASpace Systems Engineering
24.11812A+Paradox and Infinity

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