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Phil Turcotte maintains a page of historical EBAY prices on Tektronix and HP oscilloscopes. I've found his effort to be extremely useful. As a way of saying "Thanks" and giving something back, I'm performing a similar function for additional equipment. Presently, I have three lists available:

I distinguish between New, Working, Untested, and Defective/Damaged equipment for the fluke, and make the same distinction for the oscilloscopes except that there really aren't any "New in Box" ones like there are for recent-production Fluke meters. I don't include any oscilloscopes with a bandwidth less than 20 MHz - they're more collectors than tools. For the logic analyzers, one of the most important factors is the presence of pods, so I separate them by whether they have pods and leads, pods but no leads (making those leads is a real pain), or no pods at all. Hopefully these distinctions will avoid some of the problems associated with computing a single average which includes both working and non-working equipment.

Note that there is no guarantee these tables will be updated regularly, or ever again. The Fluke table takes longer than the other two put together, and is the most likely to go if I get short on time. I can be reasonably sure that no new lists will be added unless I discontinue one of the current lists; this project is already taking up as much time as I have for it.

If you have a similar table for other types of equipment, let me know and I'll add a link. If you want the raw data behind these tables, ask.

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